2021 Summer Daze Event

This year’s event starts with our cookout at 3pm then followed by our night of racing

RACES:  Events are listed below, followed by basic rules***

1.  GRAB BAG:  Our classic opening race… Buy a car from the bag of random carded Hot Wheels for $2, then run them against all the others for a chance to win half the money and a case of cars.

2. CLEAR WINNER RACE:  This race is open to all Hot Wheels cars with TRANSLUCENT (see-through) bodies.  The most well known Hot Wheels that feature this type of body is the “X-Racers” series, however there may be others!  

3.  VOLVO DRAG RACE:  Strap in and get ready for Swedish racing fury!   For this event, you must race a Hot Wheels VOLVO station wagon.   There are a few versions / castings out there.  Who’s got the lucky meatball with the best sauce?     See what we did there?  Swedish meatballs?  Yeah?  No?   Moving on….

4. “IT’S SUPPOSED TO DO THAT” RACE:  New for this year, this event is open to Hot Wheels castings that were designed to have parts that move when rolled down a track.  For example, some cars were designed with exciting features… engines that shake, character heads that move, animal mouths that move or tails that wag when you roll the car.   To clarify, this does not mean simply opening doors, a removable body or an opening hood. 
Some examples (this is not an exhaustive list) and we have verified that some of these are in stores now.  Lots of these are in the “Experimotors” series.

Shark Bite (mouth opens)

Gotta Go (toilet seat flops around)

Skull Shaker (character moves)

Crate Racer (engine moves)

5.  MATCHBOX RACE:  Another classic!  This race is open to all unmodified MATCHBOX castings (1/64 size, must fit on track).

***Some basic GCHWC downhill race rules:
– Unless otherwise noted, all downhill race entries should be stock unmodified / unaltered Hot Wheels. – Owners are encouraged to bring labels or tape to identify their entries so the organizers can easily recognize and call out the racers.  

– Hot Wheels from the Redline era and Drag Buses are not eligible for racing unless otherwise noted. – In the interest of time, we may limit the amount of entries per person per race depending on turn out, daylight, etc.  

– Cars must be 1/64 scale or close to it and all cars must fit on the track- Any car that comes off the track has the right to rerun the race.  If the car leaves the track twice during the same series of attempts, it will be disqualified.

– All races are single elimination up until the finals where the fastest car will be determined by best out of three races- Race organizers reserve the right to re-enter an eliminated (losing) car to make the brackets even.

– Previous winners:  Cars (but not all copies / versions of that casting) that have won a previous race event in past years are not eligible to run in other race events.  The only exception is if we hold an “Open” class race event where anything goes.  

2021 Summer Daze Location:

Bechtold Park in Sycamore Township
4312 Sycamore Road
Cincinnati, OH   45236

Large shelter

From I-71 North
I-71N to Kenwood Road exit; turn left onto Kenwood Road; cross
Montgomery Road, cross Galbraith Road.  Turn left on Sycamore Road.
Park entrance will be on the right.  There is also an entrance on
Plainfield Road (from Sycamore Road, take roundabout to the right onto
Plainfield Road and right into entrance)

From I-75 North
I-75N to OH-126E Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway.  Take the
Plainfield Road Exit.  Turn right onto Plainfield Road.  Take the
roundabout and turn left on Sycamore Road.  Entrance on the left.

From I-75 South
I-75S to Exit 16A – I-275E.  Exit 49 to I-71S.  Exit 14 OH-126/Ronald
Reagan Cross County Highway.  Take the Hunt Road exit.  Use the left
lane to turn left onto Hunt Road.  Stay in the left-hand lane to turn
left at the first light onto Plainfield Road.  Go in the roundabout
and turn left on Sycamore Road.  Park entrance is on the left.