2013 GCHWC Custom ’66 Dodge A100 Van

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For 2013, the GCHWC teamed up once again with designer Sheri Abbey to create a special run of ’66 Dodge A100 vans.  This all metal casting has come out in a number of Hot Wheels lines lately and is always popular with collectors.

With a blank slate to start, Sheri shot the vans in gloss black then came up with a custom colorful 60’s era “hippie” style decal wrap for the sides.

To add a bit of contrast, the club “letters” adorn the roof of the van (custom paint mask made for the GCHWC) and hand-painted headlights and tail lights.  The chassis has a low rake towards the front and sits on real-riders and “old school” matte-black steelies for an additional period touch.  When Sheri’s involved, everyone knows the end-result is sure to be a hit. 

The 2013 GCHWC Custom ’66 Dodge A100 was produced in a short run of 20 pieces total and made available exclusively to club members near the end of the year.