2020 Summer Daze Event

Bechtold park, Sycamore Township

2020 was a challenging year and even though indoor events were restricted, the club headed to Bechtold park in order to use a shelter house (outdoors) to host this year’s event.

We started the evening with our traditional grill-out and settled into an evening of diecast racing. The night featured 5 main events:

1.  GRAB BAG:  You know the drill… buy a car from the bag of random
carded Hot Wheels for $2, then run them against all the others for a
chance to win half the money and a case of cars.

This year’s winner was possibly our youngest as well. This young man swept the competition with his white GT40 and walked away with half the cash and a case of cars!

2. PANDEMIC SCRAMBLE:  This race was open to only AMBULANCES of any
manufacturer so long as they fit on the track and are not modified in
any way.   Too soon?  Bad taste?  We can never tell…

The competition in this event was fast and furious…there was even a real redline model raced by Derek. In the end, the winner of this race was a white Hot Wheels Ambulance (Super Van casting) fielded by Elliott.

3. COLOR RACE:   This year’s color race will feature YELLOW.   Any
unmodified / non-redline / non-Drag Bus Hot Wheel is eligible so long
as the car is predominantly yellow in color.  Judges will have final
say whether or not a car is actually yellow enough to be yellow.

Results: Pending. Ok… I forgot. Anyone remember who won that one?

4.  RISING SUN RAGER:  This event is open to any Hot Wheels release of
a car from a JAPANESE manufacturer.   Examples would be Datsun,
Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Scion, Infiiti, etc.

Again, we had lots of competitors but at the finish line, Deb managed the win with her Toyota 2000.

5. TEENY TINY CARS:  This is a new one… For this event, cars must be
“small wheelbase” cars that are “teeny tiny” according to our
criteria.  Any car running in this event must have a wheelbase
(distance measured between the axles) that does NOT exceed that of our
“standard” tiny car – the Hot Wheels Mini Cooper.   

This race was a lot of fun. Members scoured their collections for cars that fit the bill and we had quite a turnout! There was everything from pedal cars, to donuts to tooned / mini VW’s…

After the dust settled, Derek was the big winner with the tiny car. His red / see-through Scion took first place and beat all the rest.

More photos from the event…