2011 GCHWC Custom ’69 Camaro

Details coming soon!

For 2011, the GCHWC teamed up with Joe A (LoRide57 on Facebook) to produce a run of special custom 69 Camaro’s.  Joe treated each body to a special green paint scheme featuring the club logo and custom black scallops.


Club members finished off the chassis with real-rider tires and special wheels from the Garage Series cars.

Overall, only 51 were produced… 15 for club members (featuring special green metallic paint), 35 scorching “lime green” versions for the general market and 1 special “chase” version.    The special “one off” version featured gold paint and was raffled off at the Feb 2012 show in Dayton Ohio.   Only 100 chances were sold and in the end, by luck of the draw, our own Deb Gross won the car!