Other Hot Wheels / Diecast Collector Clubs:

Greater Cincinnati Hot Wheels Club Facebook page
Rhode Island Hot Wheels Club
North Carolina Hot Wheels Association (NCHWA)
St. Louis Hot Wheels Club
South Texas Diecast Collectors

Other links of interest:  – Mattel’s own Hot Wheels site features forums, online shop and more.

Online Redline Guide  -Outstanding site dealing with the history, variations and collection of early Redline Hot Wheels. Careful…it’s seriously addictive!

The Toy Peddler -Online classified site specializing in diecast / toy items

South Texas Diecast Hot Wheels Guide -The “go to” reference for most every Hot Wheels casting.  Includes tons of great photos and even a pictorial “wheel” guide.

Hobby DB – great site that covers diecast of ALL brands and sizes.  Can’t find it anywhere?  Check here.

Swifty’s Garage – online diecast forum / community covering mainstream and the obscure / lesser-known diecast brands.  Check this one out!